Program Manager: University Accessibility Initiative

Launch, manage and strategically grow The 1947 Partition Archive's Universities Accessbility Initiative

Program Background: In an exciting partnership, The 1947 Partition Archive ( and Tata Trusts are collaborating to bring The Archive's vast oral history resource (now over 7,500 oral histories strong) to university libraries across India and creating unprecedented access to knowledge previously unavailable.  During its initial three year pilot program, the collection will be established at three university libraries already identified. A committee overseeing the ethics of dissemination will be established, faculty as well as student fellowship programs that ignite research into The 1947 Partition Archive will be established, and a strategic growth plan for establishing the collection in universities across India in a systematic manner will be established and poised for execution starting the fourth year.  Resources necessary for the growth and success of the program will be gathered. The Program Manager will work to realize this vision of Program execution through a combination of innovative thinking and strategic development, project management and program leadership.

Start date: As soon as possible.  Position is open now.

Salary: competitive and based on your previous experience

Job Overview: This position entails the complete end-to-end management of all aspects of this program.  This includes:

  • Program administration and management of all financial as well as administration related documents (you must be good with spreadsheets and word-processors)
  • Relationship management of the partner institutions involved via timely and appropriate communication as well as management of collaborative tasks (you must be good with people)
  • Project management and program execution by following the pilot program guidelines
  • Strategic thinking and planning for the future growth of the program based on data gathered from the pilot program
  • Travel within India, up to three times a year to visit partner institutions
  • Conference and meeting organization
  • Event management
  • Team management

Previous experience for this job can include some of the following:

  • Project management or program administration at a corporate entity, - OR -
  • Academic program management and administration at a college or university, - OR -
  • Strategy development and execution at a start-up, large or small company, or academic institution/department, - OR -
  • Have a PhD or other postgraduate degree in a related field and are especially gifted in the art of academic administrative , or with organizing academic conferences and events (having an advanced degree is desirable but not required for this position). - OR -
  • Other experience with management in higher education is desirable
  • Previous faculty level experience in academia is also desirable

How to apply: Overall, it will be helpful if the candidate has a general understanding of the higher education landscape, to help them navigate the many facets of this position that require interfacing between academic institutions and the non-profit documentation center that is The 1947 Partition Archive.  Such experience will help with organizing conferences for example and also working with high profile academics involved in the ethics committee.

Please go ahead and apply by sending us a cover letter describing why you feel your experience qualifies you for this position and why you might aspire for joining such a position.  Attach a copy of your CV or resume. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Email your application materials to with the email subject stating "UNIVERSITY ACCESS PROGRAM MANAGER"