Position Title: Story Scholars Program Coordinator

Weekly Work Hours:  40 hours on average (some weeks more and some weeks less)

Job Market Experience desired:  7-10 years minimum

Location: Delhi NCR, India

Job Description:  Job primarily entails complete and successful Story Scholar Program administration and oversight. Specifically, administering the program entails identifying, recruiting and providing administrative as well as intellectual and material support to team of Story Scholars collecting stories across India in their application regions.  The job requires varying degrees of travel across India, in both cities and the countryside. This is a full time position, though the intensity of work and the hours do vary depending on the timing of the scholarship cycle.  In general, from Monday to Friday, extensive daily communication via internet and telephone is required with the scholars, their mentoring Field Officers and remote international team.  Scholars' work and progress is carefully monitored with support from Field Officers and the Archivist Team. During recruiting season, travel to regions across India/Pakistan where Story Scholars may reside may be necessary.  This position also requires managing official paperwork, maintaining online databases, meticulous record keeping and cloud computing using tools such as Google Docs, Box and Dropbox.

Application Requirements:  See relevant experience list below and also references from TWO previous supervisors, including employers and/or academic faculty advisers.

About the Story Scholars Program: http://www.1947PartitionArchive.org/StoryScholars

Begin Date:  Immediately. We are interviewing candidates on a rolling basis.

Pay Scale:  Competitive salary, based on experience.

Relevant previous experience:

  • Local travel in cities and rural

  • Minimum five years teaching and/or other team management experience

  • Experience working on team

  • Project management, design and execution experience

  • International employment a plus (but not required)

  • Managing digital databases, online cloud based workflow (Google Drive, Asana)

  • Handling technology, especially camera equipment and the latest computational devices (smart phones, tablet PC’s).

  • International work or study experience a plus (but not required)

  • International communications (Skype, Phone, etc.)

  • Previous international team work a plus (but not required)

  • Previous field work in the field of cultural or historical preservation a plus but not required.

  • Experience recording interviews or oral histories a plus (but not required)

  • Field activity coordination (including events coordination, search/rescue mission coordination, other humanitarian effort coordination).

Job requirements:

  • Comfortable traveling in rural regions and cities

  • Comfortable managing diverse, non-local team remotely.

  • Native proficiency in local dialects and culture

  • Comfortable recording oral history interviews with Partition witnesses

  • Excellent written and oral English language proficiency

    Excellent technical skills with Google Docs, spreadsheets, cloud storage, other web and mobile applications

  • Recording using digital video/audio recorders

  • Teaching oral history workshops in small classrooms and via online webinar

  • Community building and networking skills

  • Passion for preserving oral history of Partition

  • Ability to work well with supervisors and other staff team members

  • Punctual, with excellent work ethic

    Demonstrated previous job stability

  • Comfort working varying hours, including ocassionally weekends and late evenings

  • Comfortable with daily communication with remote Story Scholars and international team

  • Deeply goal focused and goal oriented (in this case number of stories collected and archived)

  • Will work well with international teams in identifying and developing solutions critical to the mission of The 1947 Partition Archive.

  • Recruiting, hiring and onboarding of Story Scholars


  • A passion for preserving oral history of Partition

  • A passion for traveling and meeting people

  • Empathy

  • Respectful of co-workers

  • Respectful of upper management as well as Story Scholars

  • Experience working on teams

  • Commitment to transparency

  • Excellent time management and work ethic

  • Commitment to professionalism