Oral History Student Internships - Cycle closed. Please check back.


Below, please find the application, instructions and program description for The 1947 Partition Archive's 6 week paid summer internship program designed exclusively for currently enrolled students.  For all other internship opportunities, check here.  For the Story Scholars Program check here.  For job opportunities, check here.

Applicants must be verified Citizen Historians to be considered for the internship.

To become a Citizen Historian, you must have attended an Oral History Workshop and have conducted and submitted an interview with a Partition witness in your community. Applications are due APRIL 15th, 2019

It can take a few weeks to a month to successfully complete the process to become a Citizen Historian.  We suggest you begin immediately! Become a Citizen Historian now:  https://in.1947PartitionArchive.org/Collect_Stories

Application Deadline: APRIL 15th, 2019 at 11:59pm IST

The 1947 Partition Archive is now accepting applications for our Oral History Student Internship Program in India. You may apply to one of our funded regions listed below or define your own region within India where you think stories should be collected. Please note, you are responsible for finding your own lodging. In the questions below, you will be asked to justify your choice with evidence. The funded regions currently include:

  • a) Maharashtra
  • b) Delhi, NCR
  • c) West Bengal
  • d) Assam
  • e) Bihar
  • f) Punjab
  • g) Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  • h) Special compensation city: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore
  • i) Other... NOMINATE A CITY 

Deadlines and Dates 

Last date for applications:  APRIL 15t, 2019 at 11:59pm 
Internship begin date:  June 15th, 2019

Program Description

The Oral History Student Internship is a full-time two-month commitment, ideal for students who are on Summer break.

About the Oral History Student Intership: The 1947 Partition Archive Provides a platform to record, preserve and share narratives of Paritition created for and by people across the globe. We want to educate the world on Partition, especially through first-hand accounts and lived experiences. The OHSI program is one of our initiatives to collect stories from Partition witnesses. The Archive works to ignite research and discovery based on lived Partition experiences. The OHSI Program is ideal for students who have a deep interest and passion for modern South Asian history and storytelling, as well as a passion for travelling, writing, meeting new people and gaining a better understanding of the world and culture around them. OHSIs will reach out to individuals in their community who have witnessed Partition firsthand (migrants and non-migrants), record their oral histories and share them through the Archive's web portal and media collaborations. The promary differences between the OHSI and other 1947 Partition Archive programs is the time length commitment, the work requirement, and the duration, Oral History Student Interns will be eligible at the end of their term to continue as part-time Oral History Apprentices during the school year. Like other internship programs, the OHSI is strictly monitored and all program requirements must be met and on-time. OHSIs may be granted opportunities to present their work in public and academic spaces. OHSIs will receive a modest stipend to help with travel and other logisitcal costs, and a certificate upon successful completion of the program.

Program Details


Program start date:  JUNE 15th, 2019
Oral History Student Internship Program Length: 6 weeks.

>>Job Description

  • Engage with and conduct oral history interviews with Partition witnesses
  • Travel to intriguing locations, both urban and rural; meet intriguing people
  • Maintain communications with interviewees; manage scheduling, answer questions, etc.
  • Manage post interview paperwork, oral history data and online material submission
  • Publish results and generate reports
  • Engage in public outreach
  • Engage in discussions with global 1947 Partition Archive community
  • Engage in regular communication with The 1947 Partition Archive global team

>>Job Requirements

  • Applicant must be a currently enrolled college student 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to interview subjects of diverse backgrounds
  • Proficiency with internet usage and access to reliable internet
  • Documentation skills including basic video skills
  • Experience managing databases (such as Excel)
  • Language skills appropriate to geography
  • Ability to work and travel independently
  • A passion for preserving stories from your region
  • Deep dedication and strong focus on the job
  • Public speaking abilities
  • Collect a total of 24 interviews (4 per week).

>>Program Expectation:

Oral History Program Interns are highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals with a deep interest and passion for modern South Asian history and storytelling. OHSIs are individuals who wish to participate in and devote themselves to expanding and broadening the understanding of modern South Asian history. The Oral History Student Internship Program is ideal for individuals who have a passion for traveling, writing, meeting new people and gaining a better understanding of the world and culture around them.

This is an accelerated and rigorous full-time internship that requires working with elders, comfort with technology, and stellar organization skills. OHSIs are expected to develop ownership of their project, be flexible with their working hours, ready to work hard and devote their time in realizing the Archive’s mission. The 1947 Partition Archive encourages OHSIs to participate in public outreach programs and activities where they can further our mission to collect, document and preserve narratives.

What can OHSIs expect? Oral History Student Interns will receive relevant training, fieldwork experience, and consistent support from Archive staff. All OHSIs will be working under the guidance of the program coordinator.  Oral History Student Interns' work will be published and widely distributed through The 1947 Partition Archive website, social media, physical exhibits and via other media collaborations.

>>Candidates must be:

>>Selection Procedure:

Selection of the candidates will be a three tiered process.

  • Review of your submitted work as a Citizen Historian
  • Your online application
  • Current college transcript showing active enrollment
  • A series of up to three interviews with Archive staff, Archive advisers and current Story Scholars


Oral History Student Internship Program - 6 weeks:

  • First month: Rs. 13000 INR 
  • Last 15 days: Rs. 6500 INR 

Notice: For all other internship opportunities, check here.  For the Story Scholars Program check here.  For job opportunities, check here.

Last date for applications is: APRIL 15th, 2019 - Cycle closed

>>Fellowship begins:  JUNE 15th, 2019 - Cycle closed