The interview process


Our interview process begins with volunteers reaching out to survivors of Partition


Volunteers with the appropriate language skills are matched with interviewees and an appointment is made for the interview.


Volunteers make plans to meet the interviewee, most often at the interviewee's home. The interviewee may choose to do an interview on video or audio only. The interview is generally an incredibly fulfilling experience for the volunteers and the interviewee. The volunteers come away learning a tremendous amount and a desire to further their understanding of the subcontinent. Interviewees often express to us a sense of deep gratification at having the opportunity to share and immortalize their story.


After the interview, permissions are obtained from the interviewee. The interviewee will choose to what extent and on what media they want to share their interview (i.e., library only, website, youtube, etc). The interviewee is also given the option of remaining anonymous or delaying the release of their interview. Interviewees' preferences are of utmost importance to us.

Digitizing and archiving

Next, the recordings are digitized, uploaded and backed up on harddrives. Minor edits are conducted to remove extraneous events and noises. The interview permissions and post interview forms are reviewed. The interview video is reviewed. The interview is then ready for archiving.


The entire process for one interview, from beginning to end takes an average of 15 hours of volunteer work. The editing can add on an additional 30+ hours per interview for processing. Apply to share your story.