India and South Asia: A Short History

David Ludden
Oneworld Publications
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From Google Books: Combining factual information with a critical approach which probes the nature of culture and identity, this concise yet authoritative account paints a graphic picture of an area stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Himalayan mountains. With coverage not only of India, but also of Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, this book surveys nearly 5000 years, from the early settlers of prehistory to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and the Tamil Tiger conflicts. Particular emphasis is placed on the last 200 years, while the key theme of shifting regional identities underpins the author's insights in to the social, economic and spiritual past of this fascinating region. This is an account of the colonial influences, political intrigues and religious differences that constitute the history of India and South Asia; it should interest historians, general readers and travellers alike.