The Partition Museum Project

The main focus of the The Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust is to set up a Partition Museum. The Partition Museum Project (TPMP) was initiated by The Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust (TAACHT), in early 2015, to work towards the establishment of a world class, physical museum, dedicated to the memory of the Partition in 1947 — its victims, its survivors and its lasting legacy. In one of the greatest and most painful upheavals of contemporary history, over twenty million migrated to a new homeland on the other side of a quickly demarcated border, leaving behind precious memories. Often, the journey and relocation was accompanied by traumatic events, and millions of men, women and children lost not just homes, but lives in the attempt to cross over.
Perhaps the sacrifice of those millions was seen as a necessity for acquiring Independence, and so there has been, largely, a silence around the Partition.
Soon it will be seventy years since, but there is no memorial, no designated space, no commemoration of any kind that documents how that migration led to birth of the two nations. The Partition Museum Project initiated by The Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust will create that space. Since the project was launched last year , it has received the support nationally and internationally of well known personalities such as Kuldip Nayar well known journalist, Shyam Benegal , film maker, Lord Meghnad Desai, Lord Rana, ( both philanthropists and members of the House of Lords, in UK) among many others.

The Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust
Kishwar Desai
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