From Muslin To Museum: The Rise and Fall of Bengal’s Textile Empire-3

M Ahmedullah
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Various locations within Bengal developed their own specialisations in the production of textiles. The Dhaka region in present day Bangladesh became famous for its fine muslins, although the area also produced a range of other textiles. In West Bengal the main locations for textile production were Hugli, Kasimbazar and Malda, where they also produced muslins. Most of the fine and luxury quality muslins exported by the East India company to Europe were from the Dhaka region. According to East India Company records they were in their Anglicised names: Addadies, Cossaes, Dimitties, Jamdanees, Mulmuls, Nainsooks, Seerbands, Seerbettes, Shalbafts, Tanjeebs and Terrindams. The table below lists the most frequently exported textiles by the East India Company from different locations within Bengal. Link -