An Odyssey Into Modernism: A Brief Account of Art & Artists in Post-Partition Punjab

Dr Bhatti, Ss
White Falcon Publishing
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"The Author says: the Punjab [whose River Indus gave the country its venerable name ""India""] has been cradle of one of the world's most significant civilisations, and mother to such distinguished spiritual legacy, metaphysical inheritance, and art and culture heritage as has given India pride of place among nations of abiding global import. However, though it is hailed as food-bowl and defence sentinel of the country, by some quirk of fate, Indians in other states poke fun on it as having only 'agriculture' but no 'culture'. Bhatti ascribes this deplorable notion to Punjabis' own failure at marketing their wares smartly. While striving to correct this sick impression by exhaustive writings and public lectures, the redoubtable author shows in this book his perennial concern to document for future generations art-works created by Punjabi artists in the post-Partition Era. He brings to this long-awaited publication a professional artist's practical knowledge with analytic discernment of Nobel Laureate TS Eliot's ""Workshop Critic"". While this publication contains enough material to goad earnest scholars in the furtherance of research it also seeks to educate the students and teachers of art in the subtler aspects of Artistic Creation, whatever may be their materials and modes of expression."