"Migrating Memories: Migrant Memory and the Postcolonial Imagination project"

Loughborough University
Partition Education Group
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In exploring the way South Asian heritage is remembered and communicated across generations, the Loughborough branch of the MMPI project has been working closely the Anand Mangal Gujarati Women’s Group in partnership with the Community Curators team at Leicestershire County Council. In 2019 we conducted a wonderful project with these two organisations led by our researcher Jasmine Hornabrook called ‘Stitching Traditions’. In creative workshops and interviews participants explored the relationship between textiles and their connections to memories of migration. Talking about these objects allowed people to share significant stories relating to the changing experience of belonging and cultural identity in Loughborough. Link: https://partitioneducationgroup.wordpress.com/2021/07/24/migrating-memories/