The Oxford History of the Novel in English: Volume 10: The Novel in South and South East Asia since 1945

Alex Tickell
Oxford University Press
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"The Oxford History of the Novel in English is a 12-volume series presenting a comprehensive, global, and up-to-date history of English-language prose fiction and written by a large, international team of scholars. The series is concerned with novels as a whole, not just the 'literary' novel, and each volume includes chapters on the processes of production, distribution, and reception, and on popular fiction and the fictional sub-genres, as well as outlining the work of major novelists, movements, and tendencies. South and South East Asia has produced some of the most dynamic, experimental, and commercially successful English-language novels of the post-war period. This wide-ranging volume, which comprises specially commissioned chapters from critics working in the fields of postcolonial and global literature, covers key authors, national traditions, and major themes and genres, providing an unrivalled survey of the South and South East Asian anglophone novel. The Oxford History of the Novel in English: Volume 10. The Novel in South and South East Asia since 1945 employs a unique three-part structure covering South Asia, South East Asia, and 'cross-border' fictions and is the first work of its kind to provide a single comparative assessment of the novel across South and South East Asia, and in migrant lines of travel in and beyond these regions. Both an introduction and a scholarly resource, it covers internationally recognized novelists but also showcases forgotten, under-represented writers and their works. The volume provides comprehensive survey chapters on individual national traditions, comprising the anglophone novel of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mainland China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Myanmar. Its historical and geographical reach takes in late colonial fictions, war-novels of Korea and Vietnam, and autobiographical fictions of the Chinese Cultural Revolution; its formal scope spans multi-volume historical epics, political fictions, and graphic novels. The development of the South and South East Asian novel in English is further contextualized in chapters on publishing and book history, and new forms of genre fiction, making this volume an invaluable resource for students, researchers, and general readers."