Destiny of Untouchables in India: Divergent Approaches and Strategies of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Shriram Nikam
New Delhi Deep & Deep
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From "Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Ambedkar with their respective divergent approaches launched the movement for the amelioration of the condition of the Depressed classes independently by 1930. Because of their different outlook the two had an open confrontation during the Second Round Table Conference in 1931 to determine the political fate of India over the demand of separate electorate for the untouchables. The present book attempts at a critical appraisal of the divergent approaches adopted by the two epoch-making personalities: Mahatma Gandhi who wanted to accomplish this within the Hindu framework without hurting Hindu social frame, and Dr. B R Ambedkar who was deeply imbued with the modern Western liberal values, ideas and institutions -- to the cause of social reforms, particularly the question of amelioration of the conditions of untouchables."