An Indian Freedom Fighter Recalls Her Life

Sahgal, Manmohini Zutshi
Forbes, Geraldine Hancocke
M. E. Sharpe
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From "Sahgal, a distant relative of Jawaharlal Nehru, provides a memoir of her rich and colorful life that serves as an alternative to the stereotype of the repressed Indian woman. Born in 1909 to a progressive family, Sahgal received an advanced education. She went on to participate actively in the freedom movement and was a follower of Gandhi's satyagraha (nonviolent protest) philosophy. She was imprisoned three times for her involvement in protests against the British. After her marriage in 1935, she taught school and worked intensely for labor and welfare organizations. Currently, at age 84, she is supervising the building of a working women's hostel in New Delhi. Sahgal's diary provides a useful perspective on women's history in India. Unfortunately, her rambling style is difficult to follow. Recommended for comprehensive collections on South Asia and women's studies." --Kathryn Moore Crowe, Univ. of North Carolina Lib., Greensboro (Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.)