Recollections of the Partition of India

Neil Hajela

A website project collecting recollection of people who were direct witnesses to the impact of partition. This project examines the stories of four people who were directly impacted by the partition of India; either as being a migrant, or as a person who lived next to the refugee camps, and was directly impacted by the mass inflow of refugees.

Indian Memory Project: 1947 India Pakistan Partition Archives

Anusha Yadav
The Memory Company

From website: "Indian Memory Project is an online, curated, visual and narrative based archive that traces a history of the Indian Subcontinent, via photographs and letters found in personal archives. Contextualised with narratives, the photographs & letters (contributed by people all over the world) reveal a powerful and historical palimpsest of a largely undocumented society and sub-continent.

The Story of India: Partition & Independence

MayaVision International

From website: "Explore The Story of India through this interactive photo gallery that weaves together a series of interrelated themes, events, and individuals that helped shape India's history."

Legacy of Partition

Leicestershire County Council

An online archive of an exhibit held May 2, 2009 at the Braunstone Civic Centre focusing on The Legacy of Partition, 1947-2009.

Partition of 1947 - India - Pakistan

South Asia Citizens Web

An index of selected sources on the Partition of 1947.

Witness to Life and Freedom: Margaret Bourke - White in India and Pakistan

Pramod Kapoor
forwarded by Gopalkrishna Gandhi
essay by Vicki Goldberg
Roli Books

This My People

Madanjeet Singh
Jawaharlal Nehru
Rajiv Gandhi

The Partition of India (New Approaches to Asian History)

Ian Talbot
Gurharpal Singh
Cambridge University Press

Partition's Post-Amnesias: 1947, 1971 and Modern South Asia

Ananya Jahanara Kabir
Women Unlimited

Halfway to Freedom: A Report on the New India in the Words and Photographs of Margaret Bourke-White

Margaret Bourke-White
Simon and Schuster