British Colonial Rule

Dr Shashi Tharoor MP - Britain Does Owe Reparations


The motion: This house believes Britain owes reparations to her former colonies.

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The Partition of British India

Jeff Hay
George J. Mitchell (foreword)
James I. Matray (introduction)
Chelsea House Publications

India Independence

The British Library Board

From website:"This is a portal to educational sources available in the India Office Records on the historical event of Indian Independence, 1947."

15th August 1947: India after Partition is declared Independent of British Rule

Maps of India

Maps of India offers a summary of events that describe the 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan.

Some Recent Speeches and Writings of Mr. Jinnah

Mahomed Ali Jinnah
Jamal al-Din Ahmad
Lahore, Shaikh Muhammad Ashraf

Sovereignty and Social Reform in India: British Colonialism and the Campaign Against Sati, 1830–60

Andrea Major

The History of Assam: From Yandabo to Partition, 1826-1947

Priyam Goswami
Orient Blackswan

India/Pakistan: Indian Independence and the Question of Partition

The Choices Program

The Choices Program is a non-profit organization based at Brown University that develops curricula on current and historical international issues. Course materials place special emphasis on the importance of educating students in their participatory role as citizens. This particular curriculum focuses on Indian Independence and the Partition of 1947.

The Prelude to Partition: Concepts and Aims in Ireland and India

Nicholas Mansergh
Cambridge University Press

Towards India's Freedom and Partition

S.R. Mehrotra
Rupa and Co.