The 1947 Partition of British India: Forced Migration and Its Reverberations

Jennifer Leaning
Shubhangi Bhadada
Sage Publications India Private Ltd

The Music of India

Reginald Massey
Jamila Massey
Abhinav Publications

Note by Note: The India Story 1947-2017

Ankur Bhardwaj
Seema Chishti
Sushant Singh
HarperCollins India

Revisiting 1947 through Popular Cinema: A Comparative Study of India and Pakistan

Gita Viswanath
Salma Malik
Economic & Political Weekly

The memorialisation of the Partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947 through popular cinema is the theme of this paper. Both in India and Pakistan, cinema as a cultural production wields immense influence in the lives of the people and mainstream cinema has been deeply affected by Partition.

Interpreting the Legacy of Partition in the Subcontinent: India and Pakistani Perspective

Shantanu Chakrabarti
Księgarnia Akademicka

Politeja - No. 40, MODERN SOUTH ASIA: A SPACE OF INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE (2016), pp. 21-30 (10 pages)

Deadly Impasse: Indo-Pakistani Relations at the Dawn of a New Century

Sumit Ganguly
Cambridge University Press

Frontier of faith : Islam in the Indo-Afghan borderland

Sana Haroon
Oxford University Press

Visual culture and violence: inventing intimacy and citizenship in recent South Asian cinema

Kavita Daiya
Taylor and Francis Online

The 1947 Partition of India has recently re-emerged as a thematic concern of many South Asian films about nationalism in popular and parallel cinema. These films invoke the 1947 Partition in both productive and troubling ways: they connect it to the contemplation of the role of religion in the contemporary nation-state, and of the impact of religious ethnicity, terrorism and gender on the experience of citizenship in both India and Pakistan.

Citizenship and Social Belonging Across the Thar: Gender, Family and Caste in the Context of the 1971 War

Farhana Ibrahim
Taylor and Francis Online

In this article, I examine the 1971 war (better known as the war for the liberation of Bangladesh) from a western Indian perspective. I argue that this war between India and Pakistan—while it focused overtly on the independence of East Pakistan—had some significant consequences for the western border between Kutch (in Gujarat state) and Sindh (in Pakistan).

Moderate or Militant: Images of India’s Muslims

Mushirul Hasan
Oxford University Press