Indo-Pakistani Boundary

Imagining Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiat in the Transnational Era

Anjali Gera Roy

Kya Dilli Kya Lahore

May, 2014
Vijay Raaz

Chester 1947 Partition: Drawing the Indo-Pakistani Boundary

Lucy Chester
American Diplomacy

A commentary and analysis of the 1947 Partition from Dr. Chester. "Drawing from her dissertation, she considers here the background to timely questions associated with the Kashmir dispute. She raises the policy question of partition as a tool for crisis management or resolution, and she provides useful historical evidence for scholars wishing to draw contemporary lessons."

Toba Tekh Singh

March, 2010
Afia Nathaniel

Bhārata-Pāka vibhājana evaṃ Kaśmīra yuddha

Rāmapāla Siṃha
Vimalā Devī
Impraiśana Buksa

Kashmir and the British Raj 1847-1947

Robert A. Huttenback
Oxford University Press

Incomplete Partition: The Genesis of the Kashmir Dispute, 1947-1948

Alastair Lamb
Oxford University Press

Borders and Conflict in South Asia: The Radcliffe Boundary Commission and the Partition of Punjab

Lucy P. Chester
Manchester University Press