Wavell and the Dying Days of the Raj: Britain's Penultimate Viceroy in India

Mohammad Iqbal Chawla
Oxford University Press
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From Amazon: A critical and historical understanding of Lord Archibald Wavell's viceroyalty is important for understanding the rational dynamics amongst the three leading political actors of that time, the British, the Hindus, and the Muslims. This study primarily focuses on Lord Wavell's response to Muslim politics in India in the 1940s. The premise of this study is that Lord Wavell was against the demand for Pakistan, because he believed that India was a natural geographical unit and should be preserved as such. Therefore, during his viceroyalty, he struggled to preserve the union of India. But Pakistan emerged despite Wavell's attempts to sidetrack it. It is important to note that although Pakistan came into being almost six decades ago it still faces the effects of the problems it inherited from the decisions taken by the last two British viceroys. A reappraisal therefore of the circumstances in which Pakistan was born especially the politics and policies of that time which gave birth to Pakistan is of immense importance.