Mission With Mountbatten

Alan Cambell-Johnson
Macmillan Publishing Company
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From Amazon: When it was originally published in 1951 this book was the first full-length inside story of one of the greatest world developments of our time - the transfer of power in India by partition by consent - the reconciliation of East and West, of ruler and ruled. This tour de force was primarily the achievement of Lord Mountbatten's dynamic diplomacy by discussion, allied to the statesmanship of the Indian leaders. To assist him Lord Mountbatten gathered a high powered Staff team headed by Lord Ismay and including the author of this book. In his capacity as Press Attach to the last Viceroy and the first Governor General of the Dominion of India, Mr Alan Campbell-Johnson was engaged in what has been described "as one of the most momentous Public Relations jobs ever created by events". Throughout this time he kept daily notes of his experiences and impressions, finding himself in the privileged position of being able to write not just from the documents and data of others but from history of which he was part. So it is that Mr Alan Campbell-Johnson records here, as though caught in amber, the interplay of great personalities at the hour of decision. Gandhi, saint and seer - India's "Father of the Nation"; Jinnah, the creator of Pakistan; Nehru, world figure, Prime Minister and Gandhi's "chosen son"; Liaquat Ali Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan and Jinnah's right hand man; Vallabhbhai Patel, India's Deputy Prime Minister and strong man; Rajagopalachari, philosopher and elder statesman; the elder Nizam of Hyderabad; and from day to day the indefatigable Mountbattens themselves. The records cover a period from 19 Dec 1946 to 20 May 1948. This edition has been updated by the author in March 1997 in the current edition designated as the Jubilee issue (to celebrate 50 years of India's Independence). It is one of a trilogy of books authorised by the author. The other two books are : 1. Mountbatten In Retrospect (ISBN 1897829329) 2. Peace Offering (ISBN 1897829469)