Kashmir The Story | Full Documentary On The History & Timelines Of Kashmir Valley

Kashmir is draped in myth, recorded in the Puranas, coveted by Kings, conquered by various religions and ideologies; it has always been a land of many legends and myths. Kashmir the story is a 12 part digital-docuseries that tries to give a perspective on the strife-ridden region, showcasing facts as they are. The episodes explore the origins of the region as a political and geographical unit, the personality of its populace and the factors both external and internal that have contributed to shaping its existence. Weather it is the dynasties that ruled the land or the agents causing the political unrest. The series takes you on a journey right from the Sultans, Mughals, Afghans, Sikhs to finally the Dogras, to the chaotic present times.

Varun Malik, Kavya Krishnaswami
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August, 2018