Pakistan Or the Partition of India

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar
Charlies Inc
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If somebody really wants to study causes behind the Partition of India and plague of Communal-ism , then this book is indispensable. This is very well-argued work and will surely provoke readers to think differently. This is one of the epics from Dr. Ambedkar. Written in 1945 the book really explains the dynamics of Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim League and how Congress and British Government played a role in partition. Although this book takes you to the unheard side of partition, it is interesting on how linguistic approach was chosen for a division of something that is unsure if it existed. Dr. Ambedkar takes a fine approach of giving a clarity of situation instead of been judgmental on the partition. No wonder the man was chosen to write our constitution. Of course if the war of majority and minority is kept away, the partition and its tragedy can be ready more fluently.