Event, Memory and Lore: Anecdotal History of Partition in Assam

Dutta, Binayak
The NEHU Journal, Vol XII, No. 2
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Political history of Partition of India in 1947 is well-documented by historians. However, the grass root politics and and the ‘victimhood’ of a number of communities affected by the Partition are still not fully explored. The scholarly moves to write alternative History based on individual memory and family experience, aided by the technological revolution have opened up multiple narratives of the partition of Assam and its aftermath. Here in northeast India the Partition is not just a History, but a lived story, which registers its presence in contemporary politics through songs, poems, rhymes and anecdotes related to transfer of power in Assam. These have remained hidden from mainstream partition scholarship. This paper seeks to attempt an anecdotal history of the partition in Assam and the Sylhet Referendum, which was a part of this Partition process. Link - bit.ly/3nbQbR2