Communities and identities in the afterlife of partition of India the interface between immigrants and host society in North Bengal 1947_1971

Podder, Prajna Paromita
Jadavpur University
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In recent years the theme of the long afterlife of the Partition of India has emerged as a major preoccupation in Partition Studies in South Asia. Drawing upon this burgeoning field of scholarship, the present thesis is an attempt to study this long afterlife in a specific geographical context and its specifics. But, more significantly, the thesis is an attempt to suggest that it is the very dynamic of post-Partition displacement and relocation that determines why the afterlife cannot but be long. The thesis’s focus on the post-Partition experience in the districts of Jalpaiguri and Coochbehar in West Bengal enables a micro-level examination of Partition’s long afterlife, even while it gives the author an opportunity to bring out the local specifics that historically diversify that long afterlife. Link -