A study of the Indian partition as seen through selected works of literature and history

Naik, Vaishali
Savitribai Phule Pune University
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The issue of the Partition of the Indian subcontinent which was selected for study was, is and will always be an issue of national importance. The Indian Partition is not to be seen only as an important and crucial moment in history. It is coupled with the birth of a nation and is also a permanent marker of ‘self’ and ‘other’ on a gigantic material and national scale The Indian Partition has raised many issues and questions about citizenship, national identity and the making of national and sub national mentalities. So even though it is studied often, it still demands from us a continuing search for many vital answers. Aim of Research: A plethora of literature in the form of novels, short stories, plays, memoirs, essays, biographies and numerous other forms was created during and after partition; and the process still continues. This research has attempted to study this and set it in the larger picture of the two disciplines –history and literature. This research was initiated with the following aims: I. To confirm if history and literature are complementary to each other on certain issues If History and Literature share any common places and if yes, what are the commonalities of these discourses? II. To examine and study the Indian partition from the domains of History and Literature respectively and study the resulting patterns. III. To view the partition from different temporal positions. IV. To try to trace the voices of the marginal in the partition narratives. V. To examine the text in the frame of text-context and location of the author and the historian respectively. VI. All the above factors converge into scrutinizing the Indian partition through the axis of Discourse, Gender, Spatial and Temporal Locations Link - hdl.handle.net/10603/95802