Aurjoon Ghosh
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From "Burma is being bombed, and Ramesh’s life is in disarray. Things become even more tumultuous when he beats up a British soldier who insults his sister. Ramesh is forced to flee his home in Haldipur, and he arrives in Calcutta, India. But when Hindus and Muslims start to riot in 1946, he is forced to move again, and he unwittingly leaves behind a young woman pregnant with his child. The child is born without his father’s knowledge. Ramesh journeys to New York City to be with his uncle. He is drafted and sent to Korea, returns to the States, and falls in love with a woman with roots in Jamaica. But his life with his wife brings with it great family intrigue. In the meantime, Suresh, the son, has grown up and faces problems of his own. Now living in America, he’s drafted and sent to Vietnam, where he vows not to kill. But it may not be a vow he can keep, especially when his very survival is at stake. Carma is a powerful story about a father and son, lost loves, war, and what it takes to transcend interracial barriers."