Dr. Ambedkar: Life and Mission

Dhananjay Keer
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From Google Books: "This full length and authoritative biography of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, now in fifth reprint, has been acknowledged as a monumental work. Based on exhaustive research this biography describes how Dr. Ambedkar raised himself from the lowest rung of the society to an enviable position in Indian political life by his incredible industry and noble self-denial. It gives an illuminating account of Dr. Ambedkar's search for knowledge, his heroic struggle for the liberation of a suppressed people in bondage, his confrontation with Mahatma Gandhi and other eminent Indian leaders and his verdict on Hinduism. This book gives an idea of Dr. Ambedkar's contribution to Indian thought, history, literature and the Constitution and of his place in the evolution of Hinduism and its phases. His conversion to Buddhism and the last years of his life are also fully described. Extensive quotations from historic interviews, inspiring speeches add authority to this book. The reflections of Dr. Ambedkar on the work and mission of Marathi poets and his views on the main features of the Indian Constitution have been incorporated. The lasting influence of Dr. Ambedkar on Indian social and political events even after his death is evidence of the great significance of his work to contemporary readers (Dhananjay Keer)."