Banyan Tree Adventures: Travels in India

Keith Forrester
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Drawing upon his own travel experiences and those of others, Keith Forrester interrelates travel writing, tourism and serious commentary to produce an account of the delights, challenges and excitement of visiting old and new India. Banyan Tree Adventures: Travels in India is not the usual travelogue or tourist guide to India. It is a book that not only discusses the Indian experiences and views of non-domestic travellers in their explorations and adventures, but also a text that helps understand the simple question of why tourists keep returning to the country. What is it about India that prompts the interest and loyalty of returning tourists? Where do they go and why? What areas do tourists visit and what aspects of Indian culture, policy and history interests them? How do overseas tourists cope with and understand the shocking evidence of poverty while travelling around the country? Few countries embody the blending of tradition and the ancient with the new and the modern. So yes, it is a good time to be interested in and thinking about India. It’s an even better time to be travelling around the country.