Sky In My Heart: A Partition Story of Sindh

Nandlal Parasramani
Maple Press
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While there are many novels of partition of India from the perspective of Punjab and Bengal, there are very few accounts of how the partition affected the Sindhis. The Sky in my heart is a story of suffering of Sindhis after partition, who, once displaced from their motherland, did not have any land they could call their own. It is a story of their unique struggles and their ability to move on and carve a place for themselves in new lands, through sheer industriousness. The Sky in my heart is equally a love story of a young boy’s search for his lost beloved; his search guided by love and ethics, despite being surrounded by an atmosphere of hatred and mistrust. It is also a book of wisdom that narrates, simply - simplicity in language, clothes and food is a trademark of Sindhiyat - lessons on life and relationships.