Citizenship and Social Belonging Across the Thar: Gender, Family and Caste in the Context of the 1971 War

Farhana Ibrahim
Taylor and Francis Online

In this article, I examine the 1971 war (better known as the war for the liberation of Bangladesh) from a western Indian perspective. I argue that this war between India and Pakistan—while it focused overtly on the independence of East Pakistan—had some significant consequences for the western border between Kutch (in Gujarat state) and Sindh (in Pakistan).

Partition and Gujarat: The Tangled Web of Religious, Caste, Community and Gender Identities

Suchitra Balasubrahmanyan
Taylor and Francis Online

Compared to Punjab and Bengal, Gujarat's experiences of the Partition of India in 1947 remain curiously under-researched even though the state has a long border with Pakistan and over a million people migrated to Gujarat, mostly from neighbouring Sindh. This paper seeks to fill this lacuna in Partition scholarship by examining the experiences of two Hindu groups, Sindhis and Gujarati Dalits, who left Sindh to settle in Ahmedabad.

How refugees from Sindh rebuilt their lives - and India - after Partition

Saaz Aggarwal

The community’s many losses and the distortion of their history is only now being acknowledged.

Sky In My Heart: A Partition Story of Sindh

Nandlal Parasramani
Maple Press

Partition and the Making of the Mohajir Mindset: A Narrative

Brigadier A.R. Siddiqi
Oxford University Press

Life After Partition: Migration, Community and Strife in Sindh, 1947-1962

Sarah F. D. Ansari
Oxford University Press

Partition of India: A Sindh Perspective

Garimella, V. S.
Kindle Edition