Gandhi’s Campaign Against Untouchability: An Account From the Raj’s Secret Official Reports

Baren Ray
Gandhi Peace Foundation
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From "Here is the first ever collection of documents comprising, in their entirety, the British intelligence reports on Gandhi''s intense and passionate campaign against untouchability : November 1933-August 1934. Besides offering Gandhi's critique as well as praxis against what was the most decadent and exploitative institution in the traditional Indian social reality, these secret official reports provide irrefutable evidence of Gandhi''s heroic struggle and, simultaneously, the failure of both the conservative and radical-modernists sections to take on one of the biggest challenges. The editor''s insightful Introductory Essay traces the crystallization of Gandhi''s ideas over the period, moving towards his concepts of people''s power, self-help for development and, above all, what is today understood as the basic human rights. Baren Ray, an erstwhile Fellow of the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), is a well-known political activist who represented India at the Permanent Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples'' Solidarity Organization (headquartered in Cairo) twice, during 1969-81."