Gandhi, India and the World: An International Symposium

Sibnarayan Ray
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"...The present volume of twenty essays, with a thoughtful introduction by its editor Sibnarayan Ray, may be among the best of the centenary year volumes which have been and will be published. The scope and quality of the essays make this assessment possible. The essays may be grouped into four sections, the briefest of which, suprisingly, consists of three papers on the influence of religious thought upon Gandhi. Five essays explore the relationships of Gandhi with some of his illustrious contemporaries in India; four essays consider the salient political events of Gandhi's fifty-year public career in India, and the longest section, comprising seven papers, considers what has come to be called 'Gandhianism,' Gandhi's legacy and its consequences for the world..." Stein, Burton. "Book Review." Philosophy East and West 22.4 (1972): 484.