Socio-Economic Conditions of Bihari Community in Bangladesh

Md. Shikdar
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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From Amazon: "Relatively a huge number of populations who came from different parts of India mainly from Bihar after the partition of the sub-continent (Ahmed, 2003) in 1947 and settled in Bangladesh and opposed the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 are known as Bihari, a stateless community, artificial minority or stranded Pakistanis. The Bihari community in Bangladesh is deprived of all rights. They are subject to deprivation. They could hardly manage jobs for themselves, which reflected their economic insecurity and food insecurity as well. Inadequate medical facilities in the camps indicated their insecurity of health, thereby becoming vulnerable to various diseases and poor health with debilitating illness. Absence of ownership of land is a violation of human rights. Personal security gets hampered due to identity crisis of the Bihari people because they are not considered citizens of Bangladesh .as well as they do not have any political rights (though court declared their voting right in 2008) to participate in party politics by which they could protect themselves from violation of human rights and other forms of criminal activities. They were excluded from mainstream society."