Mahatma Gandhi & My Grandfather, Allama Mashriqi: A Groundbreaking Narrative of India's Partition

Nasim Yousaf
AMZ Publications
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From Amazon: "Allama Mashriqi and Mahatma Gandhi shared many similarities - both men left their professions behind and dedicated their lives to liberating India from British rule. Both adopted a life of simplicity and began their grassroots campaigns in the streets and villages of the country. Both were nominated for the Nobel Prize (Mashriqi for his monumental work, Tazkirah, and Gandhi for his non-violence) and shared a common objective of achieving independence for the nation. Yet despite all their similarities, they could not reach agreement on Mashriqi's "The Constitution of Free India, 1946 A.C." nor were they able to work together to achieve a united, independent India. Why? The answers are contained in this book. In "Mahatma Gandhi and My Grandfather, Allama Mashriqi," Mr. Yousaf brings together nearly 17 years of exhaustive research of historical documents as well as firsthand knowledge and insights gained from Allama Mashriqi's wife, sons, daughters, and the Khaksars, who were part of the freedom movement and witnessed the division of India. He takes the reader through a riveting journey as he brings to light a fresh new analysis of the freedom of British India."