Independence Movement

Understanding the Founding Fathers: An Enquiry into the Indian Republic's Beginnings

Rajmohan Gandhi
Aleph Book Company

Planning for the Partition of India 1947: A Scuttled Affair

Rabia Umar Ali
Pakistan Journal of History and Culture/National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research- Pakistan

An academic article. Abstract form author: The history of the struggle for independence and partition of India from British stronghold needs an authentic and objective analysis not only of the course that it followed or the humanistic perspective that it developed but the sheer manner in which it was planned by the departing authorities. It was not the act but the way it was performed that has brought a whole aura of negativism to be associated with such a historic episode leading many to state and believe that it was a mistake.

Don't break up India : a biography of Shaheed Sardar Nanak Singh, 1903-1947

Rupinder Singh
Milima Dayal
Sun House

Mahatma Gandhi & My Grandfather, Allama Mashriqi: A Groundbreaking Narrative of India's Partition

Nasim Yousaf
AMZ Publications

Transforming Pakistan: Ways Out of Instability

Hilary Synnott
Taylor & Francis

Anu: The Raj Years

Vasisht, Shabnam
emp3books Limited

The Raj and After

Krishna Prakash Bahadur
Ess Ess Publications

India Marching: Reflections from a Nationalistic Perspective

Sat D. Sharma

Britain in India, 1858-1947

Lionel Knight
Anthem Press

Legacy to Bureaucracy: Musings of an Indian Civil Servant

VP Sawhney
Lancer Publishers & Distributors