Punjab: A History from Aurangzeb to Mountbatten

Rajmohan Gandhi
Aleph Publishers

Dr. Kavita Daiya

This website collects “educational resources about the histories and experiences of the 1947 Partition of India in order to create new knowledge about the transnational effects of ethnic violence and migration in the modern world.”

Postcolonial Studies @ Emory: Partition of India

Deepika Bahri

“Postcolonial Studies @ Emory is a student-authored project in (perpetual) progress at the English Department at Emory University. Begun in Spring 1996, it aims to furnish introductory level information on important creative and critical figures and significant topics in Postcolonial Studies.” Featured on this site is a study of the 1947 Partition of India and it includes a detailed timeline of events that occurred.

Himal Southasian

The Southasian Trust

The Himal Southasian is "South Asia's first and only regional news and analysis magazine...critical analysis, commentary, opinion, essays and reviews -- covering regional trends in politics and economics with the same perspective as culture and history, Himal stories do not stop at national borders, but are followed wherever they lead." This online magazine features material on important aspects of Indian History as well, including the Partition of India.

Barbed Wire: Borders and Partitions in South Asia

Jayita Sengupta
Routledge India

Bāṃlā upanyāse deśabhāga o deśatyāga

Tāraka Sarakāra
Aruṇā Prakāśana

A Political History of Pakistan, 1947-2007

Belokrenitsky, V.Y.
Moskalenko, V.N.
Oxford University Press

A Possible India: Essays in Political Criticism

Chatterjee, Partha
Oxford University Press