Citizenship and Social Belonging Across the Thar: Gender, Family and Caste in the Context of the 1971 War

Farhana Ibrahim
Taylor and Francis Online

In this article, I examine the 1971 war (better known as the war for the liberation of Bangladesh) from a western Indian perspective. I argue that this war between India and Pakistan—while it focused overtly on the independence of East Pakistan—had some significant consequences for the western border between Kutch (in Gujarat state) and Sindh (in Pakistan).

How were India-Pakistan partition borders drawn?

Mohammed Haddad
Alia Chughtai
Al Jazeera,India%20and%20mainly%20Muslim%20Pakistan.

This animated map shows how the borders of the Indian subcontinent have evolved since the 1947 partition.

Indian, Pakistani brothers reunite after 75 years of Partition

Gulf News

Pakistani farmer has helped reunite about 300 families through his YouTube channel