‘It’s like crossing a border everyday’: Police-migrant encounters in a postcolonial city

Zoha Waseem
Taylor and Francis Online

How are migrant communities policed in cities of the Global South where racially securitized discourses and colonial institutional legacies shape contemporary police practice? Critical criminologists advise that postcolonial perspectives offer valuable insights on imperial legacies, while allowing us to expand conceptual and empirical analyses of crime, policing, justice, and social order.

From Dandakaranya to Marichjhapi: rehabilitation, representation and the partition of Bengal (1947)

Debjani Sengupta
Taylor & Francis Online

The Partition of India (1947) is commonly understood as a violent territorial and political separation of peoples, their forced evictions and migration as well as communal upheavals. But India's Partition can be seen as something more than separation of communities and the creation of distinct national identities. This paper suggests that refugee rehabilitation, one of the important processes of the post-Partition years, formed the rubric through which we remember 1947.

The New Nomadic Age: Archaeologies of Forced and Undocumented Migration

Yannis Hamilakis
Equinox Publishing Ltd

Different Identity Formations in Bengal Partition Narratives by Dalit Refugees

Sarbani Banerjee
Taylor and Francis Online

Abstract: This essay examines the representation of Dalit refugees’ experiences in post-Partition West Bengal through Adhir Biswas’ memoirs Deshbhager smriti ([Biswas, Adhir. 2010. Deshbhager Smriti. 4 vols. Kolkata: Gangchil], Bengali) and Allar jomite paa ([Biswas, Adhir. 2012. Allar jomite paa. Kolkata: Gangchil], Bengali) and Manoranjan Byapari’s autobiographical work Itibritte chandal jibon ([Byapari, Manoranjan. 2012. Itibritte Chandal Jibon. 1 vol. Kolkata: Kolkata Prakashan], Bengali).

Memories of the 1947 Bengal Partition and Its Aftermath: Tanvir Mokammel’s Seemantorekha

Sumallya Mukhopadhyay

Inherited Memories: Third Generation Perspectives on Partition in the East

Firdous Azim
Zubaan Books

Post partition rehabilitation social economic and political perspectives a case study of Delhi

Sharma, Shruti
Panjab University

Bengal Partition Refugees at Sealdah Railway Station, 1950–60

Sengupta, Anwesha
Sage Pub

Contesting refugeehood: squatting as survival in post-partition Calcutta

Sanyal, Romola
T and F online

The Refugee Colonies of Kolkata: History, Politics and Memory

Sengupta, Anwesha