Through Orphaned Eyes: A Story of Two People, Two Countries

Ajay Singh
Pentagon Press
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From Pentagon Press: On 15th August 1947, a young boy staggers onto the soil of a newly created India. On the other side, in the midst of the communal carnage of Partition, his brother is born on 14 August, the day Pakistan itself came into existence. Through their eyes, we see India and Pakistan unfold. We see India through its years of inception, the Wars it fought, the brutal years of the Emergency, the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, its nuclear tests, the Kargil War, the Mumbai attacks and the ups and downs the nation goes through. The psyche of its people and their disillusionment with the corruption and ineptitude of political leadership, also slowly unfolds. We see Pakistan through its years of military rule, its coups, and the wars it waged with India. And also their involvement with the Mujahidin groups in Afghanistan and their use to foment terrorism in India. How the same terrorist groups turned against them, and virtually brought the nation to the brink of an implosion, forms an enthralling tale of vengeance and hatred. As the two nations chart their own courses, the lives of the two brothers intertwine, and in some way are interlinked with the destinies of their own nations. Their lives and that of their nations, comes alive in a masterly blend of history and fiction and forms a gripping and thought-provoking story