Politics of Subversion: The Untold Story of Sylhet

Sujit K. Ghosh
B.R. Publishing Company
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The present volume Politics of Subversion: The Untold Story of Sylhet is a compilation of the Seminar papers presented at Silchar. The seminar was organised by the Bharatiya Umasa Sankalana Samiti, Southern Assam Pranto at Silchar on the occasion of the Fifty Years of Independence. In 1874 Sylhet was annexed to the newly formed province of Assam by the British India Government. While one cannot question the decision because the Colonial Government was within its rights to redraw the state boundaries for its own convenience. Interestingly, the independence nation of India did not attempt any changes in these boundaries except creating new states out of old ones. Logically, then, the call for referendum in Sylhet was uncalled for the simple reason that it was part of the province of Assam which was not subject of partition at all. Other paramount reason accounted for partition that the Muslim dominated areas were to be part of the newly created nation of Pakistan, does not convince us about Sylhet referendum. Sylhet was the only district where a referendum was held while it was well known for its supposedly Muslim majority.