Partition of India: A Sindh Perspective

Garimella, V. S.
Kindle Edition
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From "At the time of Partition of India into two separate nations of Pakistan and India; the horrors that took place in Punjab and Bengal and the catastrophic mass killings, rapes, and maiming on both sides of the dividing line are well documented. In comparison, there were practically no riots and mass violence in the Sindh Province even though almost its entire Hindu population of about 1.4 million were forced to move out to the new state of India. It is puzzling how this mass of Hindu population meekly moved out with whatever they could carry with them and got dispersed far and wide over the vast territory of the post partition India without as much as a whimper. Why was the land not divided between the majority and a minority population proportionate to the respective religions is not well understood. This book attempts to throw some light on this Sindhi Hindu puzzle. Part I of this book contains the history of evolution of Sindh in particular and India in general, on a large time canvas of over 8000 years, right from the Pre-Indus Valley Civilization until before the partition; so as to understand the Sindhi psyche. Part II of this book - a mainly biographical part, describes how one representative Sindhi Hindu Mr. Hiroo Bhavnani spent most of his adolescence in Sindh before partition. In addition, the migration of Sindhi Hindu refugees during partition time, their peaceful resettlement and integration in India, and what impact the partition had on Sindhi culture are also covered."