Reporting the Partition of Punjab, 1947: Press, Public and Other Opinions

Tanwar, Raghuvendra
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From Google Books: "The study is a novel attempt that chronicles the Punjab`s Partition while dealing with `Partition itself`. The narrative weaves disparate local and national events, taking the reader back to 1947 in dimensions large in numbers and scope. Almost a day to day report of the Punjab through 1947, it restores the human dimension to a story that was essentially a story of human misery. Based mainly on 15 regional and national newspapers it closely examines the Punjab and its Partition through letters, opinion, columns, editorials, classifieds and photographs. This book is exceedingly relevant to our present times, more so in view of the thawing process of relations between India and Pakistan. It is an essential reading for those with interest in Punjab, both east and west."