The Secularist

Ashish Talwar
Minerva Press India Pvt Ltd
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From PrintAsia: "This tragic saga started with Khem Chand Sabarwal's desperate bid to cross the border by train, which ended in a tragedy with the murder of his entire Family and co-passengers by the rioters. The sole survivor of the carnage was a Muslim baby. Devastated by what he saw, the protagonist adopts the baby and reaches India. Through sheer grit and enterprise, he starts a new life for himself and becomes one of the richest industrialists in the country. But this seemingly stable life is shattered when his adopted son is brainwashed into becoming A Hindu fanatic and he, once again, plunges into the dark world of religious fanaticism, Since Independence more people have died in communal riots than in wars." A truly engrossing tale of the trials and tribulations of Partition. The Secularist portrays the ethos and pathos of a generation that lost its all in A Human manslaughter of mammoth proportions. A virtual page turner for those who can relate to those times.