The silence of partition: borders, trauma, and partition history

Jennifer Yusin
Taylor & Francis Online

In contrast to the story of the 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan as an epiphenomenal event of independence, this article suggests that the division of British India signaled a unique rupture in which the creation of borders became the defining traumatic event of that history.

Ramchand Pakistani, Khamosh Pani and the traumatic evocation of Partition

Humaira Saeed
Taylor & Francis Online

This article will address the themes of partition, gender and trauma within two independent films from Pakistan, Sabiha Sumar's Khamosh Pani (2003) and Mehreen Jabbar's Ramchand Pakistani (2008). The article will consider how the events of 1947 – partition of India and creation of Pakistan – recur within the films as disruptive trauma. The article will consider what an engagement with the characteristics of trauma such as involuntary recall and disruption can bring to my readings of the films.

Centering Borders in Latin American and South Asian Contexts: Aesthetics and Politics of Cultural Production

Debaroti Chakraborty
Debra A. Castillo
Kavita Panjabi
Routledge India

The Terror of Decolonization: Exploring French India’s “Goonda Raj”

Jessica Namakkal
Taylor and Francis Online

Abstract: The colonial archives are filled with documents detailing incidents of arson, beatings, shootings, robberies and harassment that occurred along the contours of the numerous borders that separated French India from India following the departure of the British in 1947. The framing of these years as a period of terror wrought by “goondas” covered an underlying anxiety about the future of the nation-state and national citizenship at the moment of decolonization.

Partition as Border-Making: East Bengal, East Pakistan and Bangladesh

Sayeed Ferdous

Sensitive Space: Fragmented Territory at the India-Bangladesh Border

Jason Cons
University of Washington Press

Transforming Pakistan: Ways Out of Instability

Hilary Synnott
Taylor & Francis

Toba Tek Singh

Saadat Hasan Manto, Khalid Hasan
Penguin Books

In Kashmir: Gender, Militarization, and the Modern Nation-State

Seema Kazi
South End Press; Reprint edition

Crossing Black Waters

Athena Kashyap
Stephen F. Austin University Press