Born of the Same Parents : The Saga of the Split of the Indian Subcontinent

Kartar Singh Duggal
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From Google Books: "A story of the historic split of the Indian subcontinent. The narration opens with Dhamyal, a village in Pothoar (presently Rawalpindi district in Pakistan) where his parents and entire family lived. It is said that the entire Pothoar was a virtual cauldron of riots. The author was employed as an Executive at the Lahore Radio Station and was transferred to Delhi on the eve of Independence; he witnessed Prime Minister Nehru's battle with rioters in the heart of the national capital. He also witnessed many more sights, sights of degradation of humanity, of the trials of civilization, sights which mankind should never ever witness. The saga that the author tells spans the subcontinent with the travails of refugees and local residents alike. For the refugees it was a test of their endurance and their ability to reconcile and to forgive while for the Indian residents it was a test of conflicting loyalties and adaptability. It is also a saga of love and longing, of hate and rejection-a reminder that human emotions pervade and underlie all catastrophes and holocausts"