India Marching: Reflections from a Nationalistic Perspective

Sat D. Sharma
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From Amazon: “Depending on the text one is reading, an account of history may or may not depict the truth.
History is dictated or narrated by the victors of wars or the rulers of any particular land—or else by their sycophantic followers—and it does not necessarily reflect actual events.
In India Marching, author Dr. Sat D. Sharma provides a perspective of India’s social, political,
and medical development history. This study discusses how ruling politicians have denied 
generations of Indians born after independence a true account of the history of the freedom
struggle. It gives insight into the different players who fought for freedom on Indian soil and
outside by discussing the freedom struggle; partition; independence; the post-independence era; 
Sharma shares an account of the struggles that Indian citizens face, and he seeks to provide a true account of what the country and its people have endured throughout the years.”