Home, Uprooted: Oral Histories of India's Partition

Devika Chawla
Fordham University Press

Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence

The Center for International Research and Studies

The Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence is a database “focusing on massacres and genocides of the 20th century,” including historical descriptions and analyses of well-documented and less well-known massacres. There are three types of documents available on the website: Chronological Indexes, Case Studies, Scholarly Reviews and Theoretical Papers.

1947: The Year of Partition

This website provides first-hand accounts of people’s own experiences and memories of partition. It also provides reflections on the actions of political leaders during partition.

Train to Pakistan

November, 1998
Pamela Rooks

The Division of Hearts

January, 1987
Satti Khanna & Peter Chappell

The Day India Burned: Partition

August, 2007
Ricardo Pollack

Kartar Singh

June, 1959
Saifudin Saif

Born of the Same Parents : The Saga of the Split of the Indian Subcontinent

Kartar Singh Duggal
UBS Publisher's Distributors

Barbed Wire: Borders and Partitions in South Asia

Jayita Sengupta
Routledge India