Communal Violence in Princely States During Partition (1947)

Kanwaljit Kaur
Indian History Congress

Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny

Amartya Sen
W. W. Norton & Company

The Partition of India: Contestation, Appeasement and Culmination

Chandni Saxena
Indian History Congress

Spaces before Partition: An Introduction

William Gould
Taylor and Francis Online

This introduction frames a selection of papers that encourage a richer spatial understanding of the years before the Partition of India. The papers respond to two types of questions. One type is spatial (at what scale do we approach Partition? Through which spaces should we attempt to understand both micro and macro processes? Movements across what distances constituted Partition?). The second type is temporal (what timescales do we invoke when approaching Partition? Of what was it the endpoint? What sort of memories were invoked and made during India’s multiple partitions?).

The Powerful Ephemeral : Everyday Healing in an Ambiguously Islamic Place

Carla Bellamy
University of California Press

Communalism and Sexual Violence in India: The Politics of Gender, Ethnicity and Conflict

Megha Kumar
I.B. Tauris

Women and Right-Wing Movements: Indian Experiences

Tanika Sarkar
Urvashi Butalia
Zed Books

Exploring the Hindu/Muslim Divide through the Partition of Bengal

Maurice O'Connor
Universidad de Cádiz, Tis essay was funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain. ProjectFFI2015-63739-P: “Te Aesthetics of Remembering: Empathy, Identification, Mourning”.

Abstract: In this paper we shall explore the move from localised to politicised identities in Bengalisociety and evidence how religious affiliation became a central consideration within thisshift. Te growth of communalism, we shall argue, has much to do with the colonialstrategy of establishing separate electoral systems for Hindus and Muslims, cementingthe separation between these religious groupings.

The impact of partition of India on manto and his contemporary shortstory writers

Pulsarakath, Mohamed Saleem
Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit

Communal Riots in Post-Independence India

Anthology edited by Asghar Ali Engineer
Advent Books Division