Partition: The Trauma of Partitioned Lives... in Films and Fiction

Farzana S. Ali
Mohammad Sabir
Dattsons Publishers
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The Trauma of Partitioned Lives in Films and Fiction is an attempt to explore and reinterpret the works of major partition fictions. The book covers a unique collection of scholarly papers on the theme of partition and the trauma of partitioned lives. The study of partition has moved from the centre to the margins, by focusing on marginal groups, memory, recollection, remembrance, reminiscence, sufferings and trauma, which has been dealt creatively to uncover the unknown depths of the trauma of separation. Partition forcibly imposed a heart rending separation making the resultant pain and agony inevitable and to measure the intensity and magnitude of devastation wrecked by partition of India the creative authors responded to the tragic tale of misery and bloodshed by discerning into the gulf of not only partitioned nations but also partitioned hearts and minds. It is fiction that provided vast canvass to the creative genius to deal with the very complex theme of partition. The papers in this anthology will provide new insight to critically understand the trauma of separation during the turbulent times of Partition. The book will be of great help to the researchers, teachers and those interested in partition literature.