Images Of India: A Social Studies Primer

From Worldcat: "Designed specifically with students and classrooms in mind, this video explores major themes in the history, geography, and culture of India. Emphasizing the diversity of this vast and ancient land, Images of India provides an overview of the country, with sections on Land, Culture, Religion, History, and Life Today, including current economic and social conditions. Spectacular footage helps viewers appreciate the varied population and topography of India. Maps and graphics are used to illustrate geographical features. Viewers follow the history of India from the 13th-century Islamic dynasties through British rule and the struggle for independence, to its current status as the world's largest democracy and an emerging economic superpower. Through it all, India has absorbed many influences and incorporated them into its own unique and diverse culture. Other key topics include: spiritual life, the caste system, agriculture and monsoon rains, the leadership of Gandhi and Nehru, the formation of Pakistan, industrial development, and the problems of poverty. Images of India is a memorable introduction to one of the world's most important nations."

Films Media Group
Release Date: 
February, 1998