Nehru: A Political Life

Brown, Judith
Yale University Press
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From "The first prime minister of India after independence from British rule, Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964) was a major architect of India as a nation state. His dedication to politics led to imprisonment under British rule, a deeply disturbed family life, and eventually to nearly two decades in power during which he ceaselessly pursued his vision of a transformed and democratic India. This biography depicts the phases of Nehru's life and shows how each period reflected new developments in Indian politics. Drawing on previously unconsulted sources including Nehru's post-1947 papers, Judith Brown offers a complete and penetrating account of Nehru. Casting light on both the public and private Nehru, the book also provides an array of insights into the history of India's nationalist movement and international standing, and into the complexities of constructing a new nation state in the aftermath of imperial rule."