Dying Stories of Purani Dilli: A Taste of History (EP-07)

In the seventh episode of Dying Stories of Purani Dilli, we try to trace the history of the place through its unique set of foods. We have nihari, rotis and chai but above all we found that food serves as a connection to the Almighty in the area.There are many versions of Nihari and how it was developed in Delhi. On one hand one believes that when Nadir Shah came to Delhi, it was winters. Most of the soldiers in the battalion were Muslims who never drank alcohol. So, in order to keep them warm, Nihari was developed. On the other hand, some believe that it was under Shah Jahan that Nihari came into existence in Delhi. People of Delhi were suffering from cold, so the King ordered his hakeems to make a dish that’ll solve the problem. So, they made Nihari.

YouTube Link - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu-TJh3OUc4

Release Date: 
August, 2018